Abilio stress-free travel concept,
an additional income for aviation industry!

Security checks

Airline companies and airports have various ways of offering their passengers a more comfortable journey: lounges, e-tickets, separate check-in desks, online check-in. However, did you know that many travelers are unaware of the airport security? This security causes great discomfort and stress! IATA’s global passenger survey shows that queuing time is the most frequent complaint with security.

Stress free concept

According to IATA, the International Air Transport Association, the airline industry will process 6.6 billion passengers by 2030. Abilio offers the traveler a unique concept: the “Fastliner ®”. This concept gives the passengers the opportunity to clear airport security stress free.

New medium of advertising

Thanks to “Fastliner ®” your brand will reach a valuable travelling audience with a high purchasing power and high interest in new products and services.
Your brand will be associated with the improved passenger experience at security control. Last but not least your brand is traveling around the world.

With “Fastliner ®”, everyone’s a winner!

Passengers are properly informed and prepared to collect security items in a proper way and not to forget anything precious to them.

Airports and airline companies: Image improvement and improved service delivery.

Advertising: “Fastliner ®” offers an ideal and unique concept for advertising. Your brand will travel around the world and very visible for other travelling passengers.

Thanks to Fastliner ®, the aviation industry will acquire new revenue.