Concept for stress-free security screening,
and new revenue for the airline industry!

Security check

Airlines and airports try in many ways to make it comfortable for their travelers: lounges, e-tickets, separate check-in counters, online check-in, etc. Did you know that many travelers are still ignorant about the security check? This check causes a lot of inconvenience and stress! A global study conducted by IATA, shows that waiting in line at airport security checkpoints, is the most common passenger complaint!

Stress-free concept

According to IATA, the International Air Transport Association, the airline industry will have 6.6 billion passengers by 2030. Abilio offers a unique concept, the Fastliner ® to guide the traveler “stress-free” through this security check.

The new strong publicity medium!

Thanks to Fastliner ® your brand reaches a valuable and wealthy audience. This target group is open to innovative products and services.
Your brand is linked with the increased passenger experience at the security checkpoint and thanks to Fastliner ® your brand not only reaches a particularly large traveling audience, but also travels around the world.

With Fastliner® everyone is a winner

Passengers are informed and prepared for security screening which reduces stress during this passage.
The chance of forgetting or losing valuables such as jewelry is eliminated.
The “passenger experience” at airport security is increased, because of this Fastliner ® will be perceived by your passenger as a positive experience product, this will positively influence the image of your airline/airport and your advertiser(s)!

Fastliner ® is a new publicity medium!
Thanks to Fastliner ® everyone wins!