Who are we?

In our Abilio logo, the blue diamond represents aviation, and the green diamond represents ecology.

At Abilio, we want to pursue sustainable solutions, where everyone is a winner!

Flying is the fastest and most efficient form of transportation, and is responsible for 2% of CO2 emissions worldwide. Notwithstanding its very low emissions, the airline industry is also taking responsibility and aiming for climate-neutral flying by 2050.

Today, sustainability is an important issue, and the airline industry is investing in research and development to make flying even more climate-friendly. Does our passenger know this? Airports and airlines welcome millions of passengers every day, and aren’t we forgetting to tell our positive story? We have a plan by which we can engage our passenger in the green aviation story!

Our vision

Thanks to the Industrial Revolution, which has taken place since the eighteenth century, we in Europe have managed to eradicate diseases such as cholera and plague and create prosperity for the vast majority of the population, a prosperity we never knew in the days of the Industrial Revolution! We don’t have to worry about food, health, education, clean water, heat, electricity. Thanks to aviation, distances become shorter, we meet new people and cultures, study abroad, and the aviation industry is essential to world trade. …
Our prosperity now threatens to conflict with the environment, the climate. These challenges will not be solved by more regulations and taxes, but by innovation and technology, by cooperation. We want to unite these partners. Economy and ecology should not be opposites, but we must create a climate in which companies can develop sustainably so that, on the one hand, prosperity and well-being are also guaranteed for future generations and, on the other, nature is protected. In short, at Abilio we want to pursue sustainable solutions, where everyone is a winner!


To meet the Paris (2015) climate goals, Europe has created “The Green Deal.” The aviation sector is cooperating to achieve the goals of “The Green Deal.” The inaugural meeting of the International Aviation Climate Ambition Coalition at COP26 in Glasgow and the net-zero emissions targets announced by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Airport Council International (ACI) marked a shift for the aviation industry. To achieve this goal, they want to shift to new propulsion sources for aircraft. We are thinking of hydrogen-fueled flying, electric flying and biofuel-fueled flying (SAF). The use of SAF will be the most feasible solution in the short and medium term. According to IATA’s calculations, during the year 2022, 300 million liters of so-called SAF were produced worldwide. According to the organization, the actual number could be around 450 million.

According to IATA, as much as 30 billion liters of SAF will be needed by 2030 and as much as 450 billion liters of SAF by 2050 in order to switch completely. This seems like a huge challenge, but Miscanthus or elephant grass can be an important piece of the puzzle to achieve this goal! Miscanthus not only provides a solution for aviation, but also offers a new future for the agricultural sector. Moreover, this grass offers Europe the opportunity to achieve more energy independence from third countries!

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